Destinations: Northeast

Fireworks Above and Below

Given that the site launched after New Year's this year, I've been saving this film from New Year's 2020 until now. Just before the pandemic hit, Brooke came to New York City. We took a boat out to watch the fireworks from the river, and I informed her that for every explosion in the sky she'd get one the next day in her cunt. And, well, that's what happened. Then she thanked me by drinking my piss and eating my cum. It was a good holiday.

12/25/21 | Movie | Brooke Johnson | Bondage Hijinks, Hard BDSM, Rough & Filthy

It's Valentine's Day! We are live!

Until today, writing and posting materials on this site was like talking to myself in a funhouse mirror, where my office disappeared and I was surrounded by more exciting reflections of myself from my time with the girls. Today, this all changes. We are finally launching! I'm talking to you now, dear Visitor.

02/14/21 | Text | Just Me | Rest & Reflection

I Was Tying up Girls, and Now We’re All Tied Down (Corona Lockdown)

So I’ve been avoiding writing about this—I mean, it’s hard to make viruses sexy or inspiring—but the past month has been a rapidly accelerating march toward LOCKDOWN. The site development will be delayed. But at least this makes some things possible, like focusing on building the Domthenation truck.

04/20/20 | Other | Just Me | Rest & Reflection

Finally Ready for my First Trip (If Not for the Packing)

After the first shoots with Lexi and Jezebeth, and lots of trial and error with the gear, I finally felt ready for my first big trip. I decided to start with California, because those states have a lot of women who are lifestyle submissives or switches and who also do adult video work. Those states also have good production infrastructure, which would help if anything went wrong with the equipment.

02/04/20 | Other | Just Me | Rest & Reflection

Testing New and Improved Gear with Lexi

Lexi lives not too far me and makes pretty much everything—even technical gear testing—fun. So I asked her to help me test a new anamorphic camera rig I put together for artistic shots, as well as a lighter, non-anamorphic rig I’ve been tweaking for fast-moving action.

01/27/20 | Clip | Lexi Grey | Vanilla Fun

First Full Shoot: Lexi at the Farm

And here we have it: the first full-length video for Domthenation! Much of the gear used for this video is still in the prototype stage, and the footage is imperfect in places, but I was able to get in a successful day and night of domination with Lexi Grey. This girl is so full of smiles and sweetness, it’s hard to believe how filthy she can be. Dominating Lexi is a rare pleasure, because she gives you the best of angel and demon in one being.

01/23/20 | Movie | Lexi Grey | Rough & Filthy

Testing the Gear… and Jezebeth’s Handjob Skills

Where does great video begin? Usually in a bunch of messy test shoots that no one ever sees. Fortunately, in my case, even the botched shoots are hot to create and watch, because… well… they still involve some beautiful and cool women.

01/13/20 | Clip | Jezebeth | Rough & Filthy

Test Shoot with Jezebeth: a Hot Mess

And here was go… First test shoot. My gear wasn’t ready. I didn’t have the right lenses. I wasn’t set up yet for good image stabilization or for capturing the wide dynamic range of the outdoors. My custom microphones were still being made for me. But I got word that Jezebeth was going to be in town.

12/31/19 | Photos | Jezebeth | Rough & Filthy

Hello again, old woods

First post. It’s hard to type. Clay in my hands… so many ways to go. Well, maybe that’s what this will be about, then: the possibilities… the many potential paths for Domthenation.

12/15/19 | Text | Just Me | Rest & Reflection