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A spanking reward

Look what I found, folks: one last clip from my incredible time with Silvia in Spain! No, this was not a big production. This was a little impromptu fun from when we stopped at a resort on our way back to the city from our remote hideout on the Balearic Sea. More specifically, Silvia got herself a spanking on a beautiful day by an infinity pool overlooking the ocean.

04/26/22 | Clip | Just Me | Bondage Hijinks, Vanilla Fun

Hard Grace -- Day 3 With Silvia

And now my last day with Silvia. We set out to extend the previous days' theme by seeking elegance in the crude rock. Silvia vibrated herself until she came while eating my ass, and then I gave her a spanking and face fucking against the tide. Silvia said this was her favorite session; I think we were even more connected this day. When we noticed a dove had perched nearby, it felt liked a blessed ending to our time together.

01/21/22 | Movie | Silvia Soprano | Rough & Filthy

Two Moons -- Day 2 with Silvia

On day 2, Silvia and I escalated matters. We did some very rough anal and very messy face fucking. She drank piss from her ass too. All this happened on very rough, painful rocks in the cold water and air--hence, the "hard BDSM" category. But we also reached upward, further bringing out Silvia's inner warrior by incorporating her love of boxing in creative ways. It was a beautifully intense experience all around.

12/11/21 | Movie | Silvia Soprano | Bondage Hijinks, Hard BDSM, Rough & Filthy

Kneeling at the Edge of the Earth: Day 1

Surprise! I took a side trip to Spain a couple of weeks ago and met up with submissive masochist Silvia Soprano. What followed was a dizzying 3 days on our own private oasis at the Balearic sea. Silvia likes to box. So I trained her to be my little submissive warrior. This is not factory porn with girls kneeling on pads in warm rooms. The rocks were jagged and cruel. The weather was frigid. This documentary starts out moderate on day 1 and escalates to something very intense and special on days 2 and 3. (NOTE: THE PREVIEW COVERS ALL THREE DAYS. THE FILM HERE IS FOR DAY 1.)

11/27/21 | Movie | Silvia Soprano | Bondage Hijinks, Rough & Filthy