Destinations: Northeast

Road Trip Service and a Reward

So, the super cute submissive creature, Lily Thot, returned for another trip to my friend's farm upstate. Lily was in the mood to serve, so we agreed that she'd serve me with her mouth for the entire trip. This involved pleasuring me along the way, eating her picnic lunch out of my ass, and making all my fluids disappear. Upon returning to my place, she got a reward: a hard beating.

04/06/24 | Movie | Lily Thot | Hard BDSM, Rough & Filthy, Vanilla Fun

Upstate Anal

Rebel Rhyder and Charlotte Sartre were in the area recently. So we visited my friend's retreat in upstate New York and had a little fun in the marshes. Rebel was already bruised, so this was a great opportunity to kick her bruises, then fuck her re-bruised ass. She also got wet and sloppy with my cum at just the right place: the marsh! In addition to the rough sex, we all enjoyed the woods and had a yummy lunch. It was a well-rounded, twisted, beautiful day.

02/05/24 | Movie | Charlotte Sartre, Rebel Rhyder | Rough & Filthy

Facesat in the Forest

After our beautiful bug adventure, Lily and I returned to the forest one more. This time it was for some short and sweet face-sitting fun. Make no mistake, though: I was sitting close to full weight on her little face and this got pretty intense at moments. Then she ate my cum, and we went for an offroad drive.

08/24/23 | Clip | Lily Thot | Rough & Filthy

Just a Little Anal Bug in the Grass

Lily Thot, the impossibly cute masochistic sub, came to New Jersey for some more play. And what beautiful, rough, twisted play we had. In our first adventure together, she became my little anal bug girl. It was very rough, very filthy, and sublime.

06/20/23 | Movie | Lily Thot | Bondage Hijinks, Extreme Dreams, Hard BDSM, Rough & Filthy

Sun Cock, Shadow Balls

On my last day with Rebel, we made this quick and spontaneous film. It's basic in some ways, as we had just a camera, but the day was still beautiful and unique. We invented swinging-vine-face-fucking, and we also discovered how Rebel could get me off and then continue pleasuring my shadow.

04/21/23 | Movie | Rebel Rhyder | Bondage Hijinks, Rough & Filthy, Vanilla Fun

Breakfast and a Shower

Can you believe, there's actually one more clip from my Northeast trip with Rebel? One morning, we had breakfast together and tested my truck shower. Of course, breakfast with Rebel tends to be different than your usual breakfast.

03/21/23 | Clip | Rebel Rhyder | Rough & Filthy, Vanilla Fun

Face Trucking

Back to New York... After Rebel and I went anal off-roading, we parked in a big field for some face fucking and ass eating. We used the reinforced rack on the truck to string her up, and we used the door to swing her onto my cock and into my ass. This whole film is a bit ridiculous, but it's still a rather intense predicament. Rebel spent a lot of time upside down here. In the end, we drove back to our lodging with Rebel on the hood of the car.

11/24/22 | Movie | Rebel Rhyder | Bondage Hijinks, Rough & Filthy

Four-Wheel Ass Driving

After Rebel paid the toll to cross my bridge, I took her offroading in the Domthenation supertruck. I sat in the front; she sat on a massive anal dildo in the back. The rougher the trail, the rough her ass got reamed. Of course I fucked her ass inside and outside the truck too. We have an adventure and a lot of laughs. Sadism met good fun today.

09/24/22 | Movie | Rebel Rhyder | Bondage Hijinks, Rough & Filthy

Toll: Submission

What a time upstate. After some incredible play with Brooke, Rebel Rhyder joined me for more. We drove up from Newark Airport, and after the 5-hour road trip, we came to a bridge on the private property we rented. There, Rebel symbolically crossed on her hands and knees to submit her tongue to me.</p>

08/25/22 | Clip | Rebel Rhyder | Rough & Filthy