Destinations: West

In the desert, our dessert

Now that the site is launched and the light at the end of Coronavirus Tunnel is beginning to appear, I’m sharing a large photo update of my epic time with Brooke Johnson, with film and video clips coming soon.

02/21/21 | Photos | Brooke Johnson | Bondage Hijinks, Extreme Dreams, Hard BDSM, Rough & Filthy

Touchdowns and Anal Beatdowns

Okay, football fans… and painal fans… and oh, fans of silly shenanigans in meadows… I’ve got the movie for you! If you like all three of these things, I may in fact have the only movie for you.

03/20/20 | Movie | Audrey Holiday | Rough & Filthy

Domming Audrey on her Home Turf

After the two amazing sessions with Ashley and Rocky at the first property, it was time to head out to another ranch in California. This property contained a stunning, bowl-shaped meadow in between the peaks of two small mountains where I thought it would be fun to run around and do BDSM in the sun.

03/16/20 | Photos | Audrey Holiday | Bondage Hijinks, Rough & Filthy

Walking with Sadists

What is the sum of a Ralph Waldo Emerson essay and two perverted sadists? It’s an epic bondage and face-fucking adventure in the canyons of California!

03/10/20 | Movie | Rocky Emerson | Bondage Hijinks, Extreme Dreams, Hard BDSM, Rough & Filthy

Back to the Canyons with Rocky

After the amazing day (and night) with Ashley, I was supposed to meet an old friend for my next adventure. But she wasn’t feeling well and didn’t think she’d be able to submit in the way she knows my sadistic self requires. Fortunately, Ashley then referred her friend Rocky Emerson to me and… well, I had another incredible day.

03/05/20 | Photos | Rocky Emerson | Bondage Hijinks, Extreme Dreams, Hard BDSM, Rough & Filthy

Storm Bound

As I described in my previous photos post, I had an amazing time with Ashley. She drank my piss while we played “house and storm,” and then she danced for me under the moonlight while shooting an enema from her ass.

02/24/20 | Movie | Ashley Lane | Bondage Hijinks, Hard BDSM, Rough & Filthy

Ashley Lane, California Canyons

I couldn’t have dreamed up a better first day in California than the one I had with Ashley Lane. She was not only as beautiful in person as in her photos, but really easy to hang out with and full of laughter.

02/18/20 | Photos | Ashley Lane | Bondage Hijinks, Hard BDSM, Rough & Filthy

California Still Dreaming

Alrighty… wow! I made it to California, and I’m still dreaming of what happened there. Despite filling up the back of an Escalade with my gear, I still forgot a number of things and spent the first day of my trip scrambling to find substitutions.

02/13/20 | Photos | Audrey Holiday, Brooke Johnson, Rocky Emerson, Ashley Lane | Rest & Reflection

Finally Ready for my First Trip (If Not for the Packing)

After the first shoots with Lexi and Jezebeth, and lots of trial and error with the gear, I finally felt ready for my first big trip. I decided to start with California, because those states have a lot of women who are lifestyle submissives or switches and who also do adult video work. Those states also have good production infrastructure, which would help if anything went wrong with the equipment.

02/04/20 | Other | Just Me | Rest & Reflection