Modeling Information

Domthenation is not another porn site. It’s a genre-defying project that combines hard BDSM documentaries with authentic journaling, conversation, imagination, human spontaneity, and a celebration of nature’s beauty.

Our goal is to entertain our members while illuminating and paying tribute to the full humanity of people who enjoy BDSM.  We showcase unashamedly the lowliest aspects of what we enjoy at the same time that we share the tenderness, creativity, thoughtfulness, and higher aspirations that remain co-present in our minds.

With all this in mind, we only hire women who authentically enjoy the submissive and/or masochistic roles in BDSM. We also occasionally hire couples including such women. Everyone who works with us must:

  • Meet basic modeling requirements, which are based on our members' preferences
  • Have strong self-awareness and communication skills
  • Love sexual domination and other aspects of BDSM

We also shoot outdoors, often in remote locations, so a love of the outdoors and a willingness to work in whatever weather conditions occur (so long as they remain safe) are essential.

Please review our existing work carefully. Then, if you think you’re an appropriate candidate to work with us, please email us at to begin a conversation.