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Breakfast and a Shower

Can you believe, there's actually one more clip from my Northeast trip with Rebel? One morning, we had breakfast together and tested my truck shower. Of course, breakfast with Rebel tends to be different than your usual breakfast.

03/21/23 | Clip | Rebel Rhyder | Rough & Filthy, Vanilla Fun | NorthEast

Submissive Princess in the Tower

My adventure with Silvia continued with a visit to a private castle. We climbed up into the tower, where I tied her up. Then I used her mouth and let her squirt as she kept a diary of her feelings along the way. This was a short, dirty, and sweet side trip with Silvia in a beautiful, ancient place.

02/21/23 | Movie | Silvia Soprano | Bondage Hijinks, Rough & Filthy | Global

Sun Sets, Moons Rise

After Silvia was my mermaid, we enjoyed a lovely sunset together. Of course, when the sun goes down, the moons come out! It was an evening of rimming and domination by the sea... with a bit of face fucking too.

01/22/23 | Clip | Silvia Soprano | Rough & Filthy | Global

Between Rock and Sea

Jumping back to my island trip with Silvia! This was one of our most beautiful as well as roughest adventures together. Silvia swam in the sea like a mermaid, then came to visit me. I dominated her very harshly in the setting sun, before fucking her ass in the ruins of a castle. This was a best-of-both-worlds kind of day with the ever-sweet and filthy Silvia.

12/23/22 | Movie | Silvia Soprano | Hard BDSM, Rough & Filthy |

Face Trucking

Back to New York... After Rebel and I went anal off-roading, we parked in a big field for some face fucking and ass eating. We used the reinforced rack on the truck to string her up, and we used the door to swing her onto my cock and into my ass. This whole film is a bit ridiculous, but it's still a rather intense predicament. Rebel spent a lot of time upside down here. In the end, we drove back to our lodging with Rebel on the hood of the car.

11/24/22 | Movie | Rebel Rhyder | Bondage Hijinks, Rough & Filthy | NorthEast

The Queen, the Bitch, and Their Cigar

I have a lot more awesome clips and films to share from my trip with Rebel, but I also want to share some beautiful adventures that I had on my second trip with Sylvia Soprano. We went to an old island/fort in the Adriatic Sea, and much filth and sublimity transpired. This first film includes some very rude and messy oral punishment and hard BDSM but also some tender twists. Enjoy.

10/24/22 | Movie | Silvia Soprano | Extreme Dreams, Hard BDSM, Rough & Filthy | Global