MOVIE: A Spatula in the Wild

April 5, 2022 | Hazel Paige | Bondage Hijinks | Midwest

Has it been 6 months since I travelled to Wisconsin? Well, at least I have one more fond memory of that trip: my night in the wilderness with Hazel.

The night was a freaky one, I must say. In a couple of ways. First, we were surrounded by coyotes, a lot of them. Second, we scared them away through our bizarre activities. I put Hazel into a humiliating bamboo/spatula/rope contraption that caused her to slap herself as she walked. (Honestly, it didn't work all that well, but that probably just made it more humiliating.) We had a huge, dark field, and I instructed her to walk a long distance to my truck. There, she sucked my cock in the open hatch.

Filming this one was tricky. Total darkness in a huge area, followed by filming into a half-open trunk. And yet it came out beautiful, in a kind of creepy BDSM way. Hazel was good fun. It was a lovely night.

Humiliation   wilderness   kitchenware   cock sucking

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