CLIP: Testing the Gear… and Jezebeth’s Handjob Skills

January 13, 2020 | Jezebeth | Rough & Filthy | NorthEast

Where does great video begin? Usually in a bunch of messy test shoots that no one ever sees.

But I said I was going to share it all, right?

Fortunately, in my case, even the botched shoots are hot to create and watch, because… well… they still involve some beautiful and cool women.

As I discuss in my previous photo post, for my very first test shoot was I was lucky to have smoking-hot Jezebeth. I told her she’d have to earn her orgasm by giving me one first with a handjob. I can almost never get off with a handjob, so that would not be easy for her.

Let’s just try to ignore the broken lens and focus on Jezebeth.

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