MOVIE: Journey to the Center of Submission

June 20, 2021 | Rory Knox | Hard BDSM, Rough & Filthy |

Finally, after all the preliminaries and early silliness, Rory and I set out for a our first big day. Or day to night rather. Over the course of a lovely sunset, Rory submitted her ass, pussy, mouth, and mind to me in an outdoor labyrinth at the camp we visited. The session lasted a few hours, because it's difficult to shoot in a large space with rapidly changing light, and I had to constantly run back to the cameras to adjust exposure and such. Nevertheless, it is a spontaneous and authentic experience that's captured in this film. Rory and I connected very genuinely and enjoyed a wide range of feelings together.

This session has a lot of rough anal pounding, piss drinking and piss licking from a bowl, deep ass eating, face fucking, orgasm denial, and bondage. It also has something pretty special: two people gradually getting used to the camera interruptions and technical complexities of the situation and going deeper and deeper into real domination and submission. At the end, we were hugging, kissing, and enjoying the moon together.

Rough anal sex   labyrinth   piss drinking   kisses   connection

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