MOVIE: Kneeling at the Edge of the Earth: Day 1

November 27, 2021 | Silvia Soprano | Bondage Hijinks, Rough & Filthy | Global

I've got a lot more to share from Wisconsin and even a couple more films with Brooke and Rebel from my 2020 trip out West. But the site's been missing global content, so I decided to take a trip to Europe a couple of weeks ago. There, I met up with submissive masochist Silvia Soprano. What followed was a dizzying 3 days on our own private oasis at the Balearic sea, plus an extra little spanking trip to a nearby resort.

Silvia likes to box. Indeed, she's a bit of a warrior, in her own quiet way. And being on all these hard rocks and cliffs at what felt like the edge of the Earth rekindled my own inner warrior too after an exhausting few months. I leveraged Silvia's energy to train her to withstand the swords of my sadism; and in so doing, I re-built my own self a little bit.

This three-day epic trilogy starts out with some initial oral training on day one and escalates to some extremely rough and filthy activities on days two and three. When you watch factory porn, you see people kneeling on pads in warm rooms, doing things specified in scripts. Here, Silvia kneels on sharp and jagged rocks in frigid weather as we interact spontaneously within pre-agreed limits. This is the real deal, tender cruelties filmed live in grand, unaltered nature.

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