MOVIE: Open Desert, Open Ass

April 10, 2021 | Brooke Johnson | Bondage Hijinks, Extreme Dreams, Hard BDSM | West

This site must be starting to look dark, because I'm sharing now another night session. After Brooke and I enjoyed a hot day on the desert rocks together, we went back to town for a while to rest. Then we came back after sunset, and as I mentioned previously, we got our rental truck stuck in the sand. When the owner of the property came out to help us, we found bones all around us, and we joked with him that this was all part of his plan to kill us. I had to edit a lot of that out for his privacy, but you can still get a flavor of the moment from what's here.

Finally, we got back into our groove (and our truck's wheel got out of its groove) to play some more. Brooke's ass was virginal, but we had established mutual trust, and she agreed to let me stretch her hole a bit with my fingers. Ass to mouth was included. I was gentle with the anal, as it was her first time, but then I let out my sadism with a very cruel face sitting. I beat her as I smothered her, and then I fucked her face and came in her eyes. As her eyes burned, I sat on her face all over again and beat her harder. She cried hard.

Rarely do you see such authentically intense moments these days. But, like I said, Brooke and I had established the right connection to do what we did together. After she had a good cry, we cuddled for a while by the fire, and she made me some delicious smores. My friends, there is nothing in this world like a night unrestrained libido and tender hugs and chocolate under the desert stars.

Brooke and I did so much together, there are actually more moments than I've included here. I will be sharing a couple of clips soon of Brooke getting a spanking by the fire and getting dominated again the next day.

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