In the desert, our dessert - photo 2
In the desert, our dessert - photo 3

Now that the site is launched, it's time share more photos, films, and clips. I'm starting with a large photo update of my epic time with Brooke Johnson.

Brooke is a BDSM enthusiast to the core. Power exchange and sadomasochism flow through her veins and give her life, just as they do in me. We met up at a massive private property in the Joshua Tree desert, and for 2 days got lost in an alternate existence that only people who’ve known the transformative alchemy of BDSM will fully understand.

Our chemistry resulted in the hardest material I have ever published anywhere, although the full intensity of it may at times be hard to discern for someone accustomed to watching factory-made porn. This is because Brooke doesn’t act artificially. Rather, she absorbs what she’s given with inspiring submission and makes even the most agonizing predicament look easy. Whether enduring her first-ever anal probing while being paddled or getting face sat and caned on the harshest, sharpest rocks she could find or drinking my piss over and over again, Brooke kept devouring the sadistic beast in me. Only after we exhausted our human energy did we collapse in each other’s arms by the fire and share the most delicious smores in the universe.

When Brooke and I first met, I was struck by her… innocence. That’s right. She’d been a hardcore BDSM girl for several years, and yet there was something almost virginal about her. I’m sure she’ll laugh at “virginal” if she reads this, but that was my feeling. She had been through some rough times recently, including a bad accident, and I believe she came to me with a sort of fresh mental slate.

Greeting Brooke from my rental truck