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Ashley Lane

Ashley is a West coast native who has enjoyed the BDSM lifestyle for several years. She’s also a professional model with a wide body of work ranging from glamour portraiture to hardcore BDSM. She inclines toward submission and the “dirty stuff,” so I said hello to her on Twitter. We talked for a while about the site before finalizing things with her agent.


Ashley Lane, California Canyons

I couldn’t have dreamed up a better first day in California than the one I had with Ashley Lane. She was not only as beautiful in person as in her photos, but really easy to hang out with and full of laughter.

02/18/20 | Photos | Bondage Hijinks, Hard BDSM, Rough & Filthy | West

California Still Dreaming

Alrighty… wow! I made it to California, and I’m still dreaming of what happened there.
Despite filling up the back of an Escalade with my gear, I still forgot a number of things and spent the first day of my trip scrambling to find substitutions.

02/13/20 | Photos | Rest & Reflection | West

Enema Cinema

Now that I’ve posted a film from my time with each woman I saw on my first trip West, I’m sharing more, starting with Ashley. After we played “storm,” Ashley and I wandered into a mini-forest area. Here she did the beautiful light-stick dancing I already shared. What I hadn’t yet shared is that she had a piss enema inside her while dancing. This whole film is both beautiful and filthy. There are some gentle moments, where Ashley’s smiles and giggles are food for the soul. There’s also painal with a huge dildo, hard fucking on a tree stump, and the enema shenanigans. I’m so grateful to women like Ashley for existing and reminding me of the vast joys for which we humans are here.

03/11/21 | Movie | Rough & Filthy | West

Storm Bound

As I described in my previous photos post, I had an amazing time with Ashley. She drank my piss while we played “house and storm,” and then she danced for me under the moonlight while shooting an enema from her ass.

02/24/20 | Movie | Bondage Hijinks, Hard BDSM, Rough & Filthy | West