Audrey Holiday

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Audrey Holiday

Audrey has performed on Assylum a few times. Our chemistry there has been… complicated. But we respect each other, and she enjoys the outdoors, so I figured she’d be good for Domthenation. Indeed, we had a lot of fun goofing around with a football and her cute little bubble butt. And those eyes when she’s getting whipped—my God.


California Still Dreaming

Alrighty… wow! I made it to California, and I’m still dreaming of what happened there.
Despite filling up the back of an Escalade with my gear, I still forgot a number of things and spent the first day of my trip scrambling to find substitutions.

02/13/20 | Photos | Rest & Reflection | West

Domming Audrey on her Home Turf

After the two amazing sessions with Ashley and Rocky at the first property, it was time to head out to another ranch in California. This property contained a stunning, bowl-shaped meadow in between the peaks of two small mountains where I thought it would be fun to run around and do BDSM in the sun.

03/16/20 | Photos | Bondage Hijinks, Rough & Filthy | West

Touchdowns and Anal Beatdowns

Okay, football fans… and painal fans… and oh, fans of silly shenanigans in meadows… I’ve got the movie for you! If you like all three of these things, I may in fact have the only movie for you.

03/20/20 | Movie | Rough & Filthy | West