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I found Jezebeth online. At first, she seemed part of a different world or generation or both. I didn’t understand her slang and wasn’t sure how we’d match up. But those differences melted away as she submitted to me. Once again, the ancient language of domination and submission prevailed over the more fleeting vernaculars of our times.


Testing the Gear… and Jezebeth’s Handjob Skills

Where does great video begin? Usually in a bunch of messy test shoots that no one ever sees.
Fortunately, in my case, even the botched shoots are hot to create and watch, because… well… they still involve some beautiful and cool women.

01/13/20 | Clip | Rough & Filthy | NorthEast

Test Shoot with Jezebeth: a Hot Mess

And here was go… First test shoot.
My gear wasn’t ready. I didn’t have the right lenses. I wasn’t set up yet for good image stabilization or for capturing the wide dynamic range of the outdoors. My custom microphones were still being made for me.
But I got word that Jezebeth was going to be in town.

12/31/19 | Photos | Rough & Filthy | NorthEast