Lexi Grey

Northeast | Submissive Masochist

Lexi Grey

Lexi is local to my original home base in New York City. She’s also a sweetheart and ball of fun. She’s not only subbed to me, but she’s helped a lot with early technical tests and camera practice for the site. I wish I had more neighbors like Lexi.


First Full Shoot: Lexi at the Farm

And here we have it: the first full-length video for Domthenation! Much of the gear used for this video is still in the prototype stage, and the footage is imperfect in places, but I was able to get in a successful day and night of domination with Lexi Grey. This girl is so full of smiles and sweetness, it’s hard to believe how filthy she can be. Dominating Lexi is a rare pleasure, because she gives you the best of angel and demon in one being.

01/23/20 | Movie | Rough & Filthy | NorthEast

Testing New and Improved Gear with Lexi

Lexi lives not too far me and makes pretty much everything—even technical gear testing—fun. So I asked her to help me test a new anamorphic camera rig I put together for artistic shots, as well as a lighter, non-anamorphic rig I’ve been tweaking for fast-moving action.

01/27/20 | Clip | Vanilla Fun | NorthEast