Rory Knox

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Rory Knox

Rory teleported from heaven into my world. My expectations started out strong, but she quickly blew them away. She's smart, well-balanced, but not all that experienced in BDSM. As we played over the course of our first five days together, however, a strong submissiveness began to emanate from her. She took whatever I delivered, while I found myself wanting to deliver much tenderness in addition to my more sadistic challenges. She moved me, inspired me. We made art together. We were happy.


Day 1 with Rory--diet cola service

You guys want the first anal session with Rory Knox, I know. But before I get to that, I have one more PG clip to share from our initial interaction together. This was at the hotel we stayed at before reaching camp. Popeye has his spinach; I have my diet cola. And on this day I also had a beautiful little angel to serve it to me.

06/12/21 | Clip | Vanilla Fun | South

Journey to the Center of Submission

Finally, after all the preliminaries and early silliness, Rory and I set out for a our first big day. Or day to night rather. Over the course of a lovely sunset, Rory submitted her ass, pussy, mouth, and mind to me in an outdoor labyrinth at the camp we visited. This session has a lot of rough anal pounding, piss drinking, deep ass eating, face fucking, orgasm denial, and bondage. It also has two people going deeper and deeper into real domination and submission.

06/20/21 | Movie | Hard BDSM, Rough & Filthy |

Toe to Head

While Act II of Sodomy of the Good Girl gets edited, I am sharing a short clip from the first of 5 days with Rory Knox. Our time was extraordinary and resulted in so much material that I need to start sharing it. I call this "Toe to Head," because it beings with Rory worshipping my feet and moves to her becoming mentally submissive.

05/29/21 | Clip | Rough & Filthy | South