CLIP: Cum Smore Service and Harp Music Around the Fire

January 8, 2022 | Hazel Paige, Charlotte Sartre, Lydia Black | Rough & Filthy, Vanilla Fun | Midwest

Okay, I've been sharing lots of intense stuff from multiple trips lately. I really want to get to the last day of Silvia's warrior training, but first I'm sharing something from the lighter side. After Lydia's water dunking and painal session in Wisconsin, the group enjoyed a relaxing night around a fire.

The multi-talented Lydia actually made the fire; and then we all made smores. Well, I didn't actually make my own smore; Hazel made mine for me, according to my exact specifications. Then she got to eat her own off my foot. Oh, and then--after a face fucking--she got to eat another one, with my cum in place of the marshmallow.

Charlotte added to the entertainment with a rendition of "Danny Boy" on harp. The whole night was pretty ridiculous. But ridiculous is good sometimes. We can't be intense sadists and masochists every moment, after all.

This clip is half an hour long. I call it a clip rather than a film, because it was captured with just a couple cameras on tripods in the background, and we're all sitting in one place the whole time.

Cum smores   harp   silliness

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