Lydia Black

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Lydia Black

Lydia Black is cool. When you hang with her, you feel like you're hanging with the in-crowd at a VIP club somewhere. Except the in-crowd are all filthy piss-drinking perverts and anal, bondage-loving freaks. Lydia turns things that are wrong into things that are in style, which makes her awesome to be around. My kinks always made me feel weird; it's good to feel cool instead sometimes.


Anal Creature Training

I finally made it to my last region, the Midwest. I've been expanding the gear, and the truck's been getting awfully hard to pack. So I decided to pick one big property in Wisconsin and bring 3 people there for several days of kink. On our first day together, we created a demented anal human centipede.

10/12/21 | Movie | Bondage Hijinks, Rough & Filthy | Midwest