MOVIE: Painal Meets the Pond Monster

October 28, 2021 | Lydia Black, Charlotte Sartre | Bondage Hijinks, Extreme Dreams | Midwest

Wisconsin not only had beautiful fields but very tempting ponds as well. On day 2 of our trip, Charlotte and I took Lydia for some dunks in one of them to soften her up for some painal training. We used the truck and some winch line, along with Lydia's bravery, to make this happen. That bravery then got challenged when an uninvited third sadist appeared under the water.

After the watery amusements, we took Lydia out and fucked her ass hard at the back of the truck. There was plenty of ass to mouth and face fucking too. We continued until dark, then toasted marshmellows. You guys are going to wanted to see that too when I share it. Hehehe...

Water bondage   Suspension   Unexpected incident   Rough anal   ATM

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