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Four-Wheel Ass Driving

After Rebel paid the toll to cross my bridge, I took her offroading in the Domthenation supertruck. I sat in the front; she sat on a massive anal dildo in the back. The rougher the trail, the rough her ass got reamed. Of course I fucked her ass inside and outside the truck too. We have an adventure and a lot of laughs. Sadism met good fun today.

09/24/22 | Movie | Rebel Rhyder | Bondage Hijinks, Rough & Filthy | NorthEast

Toll: Submission

What a time upstate. After some incredible play with Brooke, Rebel Rhyder joined me for more. We drove up from Newark Airport, and after the 5-hour road trip, we came to a bridge on the private property we rented. There, Rebel symbolically crossed on her hands and knees to submit her tongue to me.</p>

08/25/22 | Clip | Rebel Rhyder | Rough & Filthy | NorthEast

Smores and a Spanking

Back in Kentucky, there was one more night of fun with Lily. That cute, little bratty sub made me smores and bent over my lap for a spanking. I'm pretty sure Lily's natural place is over a knee, and I'm very sure we both had fun. Just sharing a little clip today.

07/25/22 | Clip | Lily Thot | Rest & Reflection, Vanilla Fun | South


On day 2 of our upstate New York trip, Brooke and I drove the beast truck into a waterfall. There, I waterfallboarded her, facesat-boarded her, and fucked her really hard with some "extra thuddy" impact play. Then Brooke squirted into the falls to become one with the water.

07/15/22 | Movie | Brooke Johnson | Bondage Hijinks, Extreme Dreams, Hard BDSM | NorthEast

Sadistic Kayaking

Back to the Northeast! Brooke Johnson, that exquisite masochist, joined me on a trip to upstate New York. We had almost 1000 private acres on which to play, starting with our own mythical-looking pond. We decided to do a watery twist on the myth of Sisyphus. Brooke would get used and punished on the shore, then paddle out into the pond, only to get pulled back to the shore by my truck winch and punished again. Over and over we did this... until her final view of the water was through my cum in her eyes.

06/24/22 | Movie | Brooke Johnson | Bondage Hijinks, Hard BDSM, Rough & Filthy | NorthEast

Cum by Wire

So there was one last session from my time out West in 2019 with Rebel and Brooke. But the things that happened, which involved Rebel making a pussy toy using her wire-making skills, were so ridiculous, I waited to share the session until we could supplement it with more material. That supplement has been made. In it, I do a little wire work too. The overall result is very silly and very rude.

06/10/22 | Movie | Rebel Rhyder | Bondage Hijinks, Hard BDSM, Rough & Filthy | West