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A spanking reward

Look what I found, folks: one last clip from my incredible time with Silvia in Spain! No, this was not a big production. This was a little impromptu fun from when we stopped at a resort on our way back to the city from our remote hideout on the Balearic Sea. More specifically, Silvia got herself a spanking on a beautiful day by an infinity pool overlooking the ocean.

05/20/22 | Clip | Just Me | Bondage Hijinks, Vanilla Fun | Global

A Spatula in the Wild

I have one more fond memory to share of my Wisconsin trip: my night in the wilderness with Hazel. The night was a freaky one, I must say. First, we were surrounded by coyotes. Second, we scared them away through our bizarre activities. I put Hazel into a humiliating bamboo/spatula/rope contraption that caused her to slap herself as she walked. We had a huge, dark field, and I instructed her to walk a long distance to my truck. There, she sucked my cock in the open hatch.

04/25/22 | Movie | Hazel Paige | Bondage Hijinks | Midwest

Sweat, Tears, and a Golden Sunset

On day 2 in Kentucky, Lily and I got rougher while enjoying a hike up the mountain. This session has a lot of hard anal, ass to mouth, and licking of various body parts after a sweaty hike. Lily also has a water bottle filled and refilled with piss. There is less intellectual exploration here, but we ended with a sublime, golden sunset.

03/31/22 | Movie | Lily Thot | Hard BDSM, Rough & Filthy | Midwest

Truck Fuck

Going back to Wisconsin now for something on the more playful side... After Charlotte and Lydia left the farm, I had a couple more days with Hazel. So we went out one afternoon for a ride around the grounds, which were really huge, and decided to fuck in the truck--not without Hazel riding around on the hood first, of course.

03/01/22 | Movie | Hazel Paige | Bondage Hijinks, Rough & Filthy | Midwest

A Bell Jar in the Forest

I finally have the first film from my time in Kentucky with Lily Thot to share, and it's intense! I don't just mean the rough anal sex or the bondage and impact play. I also mean that the whole session is rooted in a heavy Sylvia Plath poem. But what makes this session hot is that Lily and I work together as dom and sub to play off the themes of the poem in a transformative way. Lily and I were really connected here, and I think that makes this scene both good porn and good documentary.

02/04/22 | Movie | Lily Thot | Bondage Hijinks, Extreme Dreams, Hard BDSM, Rough & Filthy | Midwest

Hard Grace -- Day 3 With Silvia

And now my last day with Silvia. We set out to extend the previous days' theme by seeking elegance in the crude rock. Silvia vibrated herself until she came while eating my ass, and then I gave her a spanking and face fucking against the tide. Silvia said this was her favorite session; I think we were even more connected this day. When we noticed a dove had perched nearby, it felt liked a blessed ending to our time together.

01/21/22 | Movie | Silvia Soprano | Rough & Filthy | Global